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Why Should I Train My Dog?

It has been proven that the relationship between a dog and its owner can be more important than the relationship between a human and his or her own parents. Dogs are one of the most loyal creatures on earth, as they will always love you unconditionally. But in order to have this sort of lifelong companionship, it is necessary to put in some effort up front.

This post will explore some of the reasons why you should train your dog and provide you with resources that can help teach you how to train your pup effectively.

The first reason to train your dog is that if your dog is uneasy around other dogs and strangers, it will be a lot more difficult to get him or her to socialize. This makes you a target for a burglar and just generally unsafe.

The second reason to train your dog is that it will make the dog less likely to become aggressive. If the dog is aggressive, he or she will have problems with other animals and people, which leads to a lot of negative behavior.

When you teach your dog obedience, it will strengthen the bond between you and your pet. You’ll be able to have a more intense relationship with him or her as you start to develop trust in each other. You and your dog will be able to trust each other more if you’re on the same page when it comes to rules.

You can learn how to teach your dog new behaviors by working with Dawgz & Stripes! We offer a wide variety of training courses tailored to your furry friend.

The third reason to train your dog is that it will teach your dog basic manners. This includes things such as sitting, walking on a leash, and coming when called. Getting your dog to sit or come when you call him or she will prevent him or her from wandering off, which could lead to an accident.

When you’re teaching your dog manners, it is good for you both rather than only for him or her. You’ll be able to get some peace of mind about the level of control you have over the pet that could potentially bite you or one of your loved ones if not properly trained.

Dawgz & Stripes is a veteran-owned company with over 150 years of combined experience. If you are curious about dog training please contact us for consultation.